a little zosan trit for you


i finished a really big thing recently and i was feeling super inspired and impressed by mass-editor's ( fakku-san's ) cute as ALL GET OUT zosan art, and i just love the style and overall atmosphere so much, and so in light of all those things, i wrote something i have never done ever, which is a mega-short zosan ficlet thing where they're in some sort of established-yet-undefined relationship, hardcore inspired by mass-editor's zosan drawings. 

so it’s modern au (what else can i write the answer is nothing) but it’s not mnm bc duh and it’s rated pg-13 for language only. 

i know this is really random, but oh well, enjoy~


Sanji dropped the book he was reading onto his chest and stared up at his bedroom ceiling. Well, pff, their bedroom ceiling, these days. Fucking U-Haul boys that just upped and moved in after a week. 

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